Andrés Carne De Res

“In 26 years of existence, this place has become an international gastronomic reference, and and example of creativity applied in the restaurant business…to bombastic and profitable extremes, and its semi-kitsch aesthetic has influenced other famous dining rooms in Bogotá.” Source: Wikipedia

As part of its expansion strategy, Andrés Carne de Res has built a 1,500m2 (16,146 sq ft) food plaza at Titán Plaza shopping center in Bogotá. Our task in this project was the fabrication and installation of over 100 unique pieces developed by Andres´s design team.

  • Design: Architect Javier Mera,  Andrés’s design team+ ODA
  • Production:  ODA
  • Año: 2013-2014
  • Fotos: ACR

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